The Barbara Harrell-Bond Foundation

Continuing Barbara Harrell-Bond’s legacy to Refugees & Asylum Seekers

The Barbara Harrell-Bond Foundation has a simple purpose: to keep Barbara’s legacy alive by promoting her work and inspirational views and approaches on Refugee and Asylum Seeker studies, advocacy and assistance, and uniting the many people that Barbara helped throughout her life. Barbara led from the front and led by example setting a high standard for everyone to follow. Here at the Barbara Harrell-Bond Foundation we feel strongly compelled and committed to keep Barbara’s work and ethos alive. We will do so by:

  • Creating and maintaining an online archive of Barbara’s work, pictures and documents, the majority of which does not currently exist in the public domain;

  • Seeking donations and raising funds for refugee and asylum seeker initiative

  • Granting micro-donations on a case by case basis to vulnerable

Barbara accomplished many things in her decades of work and career as an esteemed academic, advocate and activist. It was through Barbara’s determination that the area of ‘refugee studies’ was founded, beginning at academic institutions, such as Oxford University, and continuing on to create and support NGOs and practical resources for lawyers and advocates. Always driving from the front and unafraid to ruffle the feathers of humanitarian organisations, Barbara combined her academic work with vigorous advocacy for refugee and asylum seeker rights.  Never one to shy from a challenge, take ‘No’ for an answer or be told that something was impossible, Barbara fought to give refugees and asylum seekers a voice and a platform and to have their rights upheld.  

The aim of the Foundation is to emulate Barbara’s actions and to operate with the spirit of Barbara at our helm.